Free fore all: Mario Golf: Super Rush is getting a free update later today

Mario Golf: Super Rush free update

Have any gamers out there been enjoying Mario Golf: Super Rush? The title appeared to sell well in Japan. Although, it seems like the game is just alright. Regardless, Nintendo believes in the sports game. So much so, it has announced Mario Golf: Super Rush is getting a free update later today. And it comes with a smattering of goodies.

It’s nice to see a free update being added to Super Rush

Here’s a look at what golfers will be getting in the update:

Toadette, New Donk City, better controls, AND Ranked Match? Score!

I’m glad this is all free. It’s almost like the title was barebones at launch and Nintendo wants to make it whole. If it had charged gamers money for this, woo boy, the outcry would have been swift.

As the Big N says in the tweet, we can expect more updates like this later on in the year. Hopefully, they all won’t cost a cent.

Enthusiasts, have you been hoping for a free update to hit Mario Golf: Super Rush? Will it get you back into the game if you have left it at the wayside? Will you use Toadette to murder Donkey Kong like she does in the clip? Let us know below!



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