Four Third-Party Franchises That Should Make Their Switch Debut in 2018

Four Third-Party Franchises That Should Make Their Switch Debut in 2018

The Nintendo Switch is a phenomenal system with a robust catalog of games. As we get into the new year, a key aspect of the console must be third-party games. We know Nintendo is offering a slew of quality first-party titles, but third-parties are crucial in securing a year-round offering of games. Though I want as many games as possible on Switch, here are four series, in particular, I’d like to play on the hybrid system.

Batman: Arkham

Batman: Arkham is a spectacular series with four unique games in total, with an additional collection called Batman: Return to Arkham. The Arkham version of the caped crusader is one of the best depictions of all time, and each title presents a great variety of tasks to achieve, whilst offering a unique story. The games don’t appear to be incredibly demanding, so I’d imagine that, scaled down a bit, the Arkham series of games could surely run on Nintendo’s system. Additionally, I feel there is a real chance for this to happen. While it’s a bit unrealistic to expect all four games on the console, I can realistically see Rocksteady port over Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, given they are the two oldest in the franchise.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is one of the greatest video game franchises of all time, and having it make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch would further solidify the console as having ‘legitimate’ third-party games. GTA V is a last-gen game, and could absolutely run on the system. The highest selling game of all time on the fastest selling system in the United States of all time? That sounds like a perfect fit to me. Also, I feel that Switch owners would eat up ports of older GTA games. Call me crazy, but an eShop release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would sell like hotcakes.

South Park

As of now, the South Park franchise has two recent entries: Stick of Truth and The Fractured but Whole. The titles aren’t demanding on a system whatsoever, and could easily run on Switch. Although I haven’t gotten the chance to play The Fractured But Whole yet, I’ve beaten Stick of Truth twice and can easily proclaim it as one of the best RPGs of the last generation. The series as a whole is so fantastic all around, as the games feel simply like longer episodes of the show. Conceptually, The Fractured But Whole is the epitome of classic, nostalgic South Park, and I’d love nothing more than to play it on Nintendo’s latest system.

Red Dead Redemption

I’d absolutely love this Western, open-world epic on Nintendo’s hybrid system. And with the release of its sequel this year, a re-release of the original a few months ahead of Red Dead Redemption 2 sounds like a perfect fit. The original could easily run on the console, and with a bit of time for optimization, I have no doubt that the upcoming series entry could also see a Switch release. With the Switch, Nintendo wants to emphasize big games, console-level experiences on-the-go. With a title like Red Dead Redemption, you’re offering players one of the greatest open-world gems of all time, without taxation on the system that would be present with a current-generation game. I think a port of this game would be a win for Rockstar Games and consumers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets announced in the year.

Aric Sweeny
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