Fortnite x Batman crossover is coming tomorrow


The latest Fortnite event is sure to be a treat for fans of billionare playboys with an unhealthy bat obsession. Epic Games has just announced that Fortnite x Batman is a thing, and the full details of the event will be revealed tomorrow night.

If you’ve been following Fortnite closely the last few days, this announcement might not come as much of a surprise to you. Just a couple of days ago, dataminers managed to uncover a slew of new items and challenges hidden in the latest Fortnite update that are undoubtedly related to the upcoming Fortnite x Batman event. A new Season 10 challenge set, titled “Welcome to Gotham City,” mentions things like lighting Bat Signals outside of Gotham City, defusing Joker gas canisters, and even using items like an Explosive Batarang or the “Batman Grapnel Gun.”

fortnire x batman batarang

This Batman crossover is an interesting inclusion into the world of Fortnite, considering that it technically marks a bit of crossover between comic publishing rivals DC and Marvel. One of the most iconic Fortnite events has been the Avengers-themed Thanos event, a limited-time offering that tied into the blockbuster Marvel’s Avengers films. Truly only Fortnite could be capable of bringing these two worlds together in such an unexpected, indirect, and insignificant way.

More importantly, though, is the consideration of why thisĀ Fortnite x Batman event is happening now, alongside a recent giveaway of six Batman games on the Epic Games Store. Perhaps a brand new Batman game is on the horizon, or more likely, this is all just a celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary, as this Saturday is “Batman Day.”


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