Quite a-peeling: Fortnite-themed Joy-Con heading to Switch on June 4

Fortnite Joy-Con

Fortnite is quite the behemoth. The battle royale is available for every platform under the sun and is immensely popular. And while there haven’t been any Nintendo cameos in the game as of yet, the Switch is no stranger to the title. Indeed, there have been limited edition consoles created for the game before. In addition to the upcoming Chapter 2 Season 6 content that drops on March 16, a new Fortnite Joy-Con will be made available on June 4.

This Fortnite Joy-Con sports a creative look

The full name of the package is the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle. It includes a blue Joy-Con (L) and a yellow Joy-Con (R) that bring to mind the anthropomorphic character, Peely. The packet also comes with 500 V-Bucks and a download code for an in-game Glider and Pickaxe.

Fortnite Joy-Con

While I don’t much care for the battle royale genre, I’m happy to see Fortnite being made accessible to all gamers, regardless of which console they own. Also, witnessing characters like Ryu, the Xenomorph, Kratos, and Master Chief run amok on the same map is quite entertaining.

Enthusiasts, do you like the design of the Fortnite Joy-Con? Will you be attempting to purchase the Fleet Force Bundle on June 4? Let us know below.

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