Former PC platformer ‘GoNNER’ launches on Switch eShop

There’s a certain level of challenge and variety that comes with procedurally generated platformers. There’s no doubt that they are a true test of your wits as you can’t necessarily memorize what’s around each and every corner. One game that is both challenging and procedurally generated is the recently released Steam title, GoNNER. Today, the game is live on the Nintendo eShop for US$9.99.

In GoNNER, you play as Ikk — a little fellow with a big heart. Your best friend is a whale named Sally, she is pretty great. You also know this other guy, Death, and he’s okay but seems to be hiding something. Turns out Sally needs help, and you’re the only one who can do the job. But what’s your task? To traverse through the deep and dark places nearby in search of something special.

The game boasts a unique art style, something you can see in the logo. You can check out our PC review for GoNNER here.

Will you grab this platformer for the Nintendo Switch?

Greg Bargas
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