Forever Entertainment signs deal to produce several Square Enix remakes

Forever Entertainment Square Enix remakes

The Panzer Dragoon remakes publisher, Forever Entertainment, has signed a deal to create several Square Enix remakes. More specifically, the Polish company will make and release remakes based on an IP owned by Square Enix Japan.

All the remakes will feature new visuals while retaining the original versions’ gameplay and scenarios. That’s essentially what Forever Entertainment has done with Panzer Dragoon: Remake and what we can expect to see from Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake that is currently in the works for a 2021 release.

According to a report, the IP’s name will be made public later once the global marketing campaign starts. Square Enix and Forever Entertainment will announce the release dates for all games in future reports. The agreement also states that Forever Entertainment will receive over 50% of revenues from each game sold on all platforms.

While the IP has yet to be revealed, there are several clues as to what it could end up being. Since Square Enix handles the remakes of bigger series like Final Fantasy and Mana, it will likely be smaller. The remakes are likely for an IP that hasn’t seen any action for some time. Keep in mind that the agreement specifies that it is a single IP from Square Enix Japan, and it will feature multiple titles.

Square Enix owns several dormant IPs, so your guess is as good as ours on what it could be. In any case, series like Parasite Eve and Drakengard have several titles and haven’t seen new releases in years, so they’re potential candidates.