Could Forever Entertainment be involved in a Chrono Cross remake?

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The hot, hot news of the RPG world lately has been that Square Enix may have a remaster or remake of Chrono Cross in development. One insider has outright said such a game exists and will be multiplatform, and an Irish songwriter who seemingly composed for the project believes it may be announced next month. But the question remains of, if the project actually exists, who is developing it? Well, that’s still up in the air. However, it’s a slow Black Friday news day, and we just wanted to take a moment to consider the circumstantial evidence that Polish developer Forever Entertainment could be involved with the Chrono Cross remaster / remake.

In the first place, Square Enix and Forever Entertainment entered an agreement back in March for Forever to create multiple remakes of one Japanese Square Enix IP. At the time, we speculated it was a series like Parasite Eve or Drakengard, being long-dormant franchises that aren’t guarded as closely as the likes of Final Fantasy and Mana. Frankly, that’s still good speculation. After all, there are only two Chrono games, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross (presuming we disregard Radical Dreamers), so it would be odd to create “multiple” remakes out of a duology and to do so in reverse order. However, that doesn’t preclude the possibility that Forever Entertainment is working on a Chrono Cross remake / remaster with Square Enix anyway, even if just as an additional support developer. Clearly, a strong working relationship already exists between the two developers.

The second piece of circumstantial evidence is just some silly tweets today from Benjamin Anseaume, game producer and CEO of TA Publishing, a subsidiary of Forever Entertainment. Anseaume tweeted out with some amusing exasperation that an IGN Japan article had inaccurately described the plot of Chrono Cross. This led someone else to ask Anseaume if Forever Entertainment is working on a Chrono Cross remake, to which Anseaume responded, “Does this remake even exists [sic]?” with a GIF of a man aggressively shrugging. After that, I myself decided to poke the bear and point out that such a project would make sense, considering the existing Square Enix / Forever Entertainment agreement. To this, Anseaume responded with another GIF: Elmo shrugging with “Who knows?” text over top.

Is this a slam-dunk confirmation thatĀ Forever Entertainment is somehow involved with the development of a Chrono Cross remake / remaster with Square Enix? Oh God no. Benjamin Anseaume could just be having fun trolling us, which is utterly within his right. But it’s food for thought, and if this project does indeed get announced next month, The Game Awards seems like a good place for it.

At present, Forever Entertainment is tidying up The House of the Dead: Remake for release on Nintendo Switch, but a final release date has not been set.

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