Focus Home Interactive acquired Leikir Studio, Metal Slug Tactics dev

Focus Home Interactive acquires Leikir Studio Metal Slug Tactics developer

French publisher Focus Home Interactive continues to grow, as it recently announced it has acquired Leikir Studio, which is currently developing Metal Slug Tactics. Incidentally, Metal Slug Tactics is being published by Dotemu — and Focus Home Interactive owns Dotemu too. So, this actually makes pretty good sense.

“We are happy to join the Focus Group because it is an important step for the growth of our studio,” said Aurélien Loos, president and founder of Leikir Studio. “This acquisition validates our multi-production strategy and will allow us to reach new qualitative and creative heights. This is a great recognition for the work accomplished by our teams over the past several years.”

Meanwhile, Focus Home Interactive president Christophe Nobileau stated the following about the Leikir Studio acquisition: “Following Deck13, StreumOn, Dotemu and Douze-Dixièmes, it is with great pleasure that we welcome a fifth studio to the Focus Group. We are constantly looking for new talents capable of growing and supporting the ambitions of our Group, and Leikir Studio, headed by Aurélien Loos, is a choice acquisition to achieve this objective.”

Focus Home Interactive has a wide array of new and upcoming games in its portfolio, whether from games it has published or IP it owns outright. These include CrossCode, Necromunda: Hired Gun, Streets of Rage 4, A Plague Tale, GreedFall, and SnowRunner. And Dotemu itself is publishing the intensely anticipated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge.

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