Fluffy Sonic is the latest PR designed to make you see the Sonic movie

Fluffy Sonic the Hedgehog movie Sonic movie Sega Paramount Pictures PR

Paramount Pictures knows it has the people on its side now. It knows that rabid fans are spreading anything that releases of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. It knows that people went nuts over baby Sonic in a recent trailer. As such, assorted PR people seem to be just milking the goodwill as hard as they can at this point, because the latest Sonic movie trailer promises a “fluffy Sonic,” and he does indeed appear in this new trailer — for one second, maybe a little less.

The rest of the trailer mostly consists of stuff you’ve already seen. Sonic’s lovably goofy. He runs really fast. He dodges exploding things. Humans do human stuff. But no, the point of interest here is that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fluffy Sonic at 0:36. That is what the PR machine demands. Worship the fluffiness and share it on social media right now, says the machine.

I actually really liked the mega adorable look of baby Sonic and enjoyed sharing that around, but one-second fluffy Sonic really feels like pandering at this point. Nonetheless, the overall Sonic movie is starting to look like good fun for kids, and it has the potential to create a whole new generation of hedgehog lovers if it’s executed well.

Sonic the Hedgehog will release this Valentine’s Day, February 14.


John Friscia
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