Floyd Iraia & multiplayer details revealed in new Streets of Rage 4 trailer

streets of rage 4 floyd iraia 4-player multiplayer local, 2-player online co-op

Floyd Iraia is the latest and final character to be revealed for Streets of Rage 4. Floyd was revealed in the game’s latest trailer from developer and publisher DotEmu. The trailer also reveals various multiplayer aspects of Streets of Rage 4. For many fans of the series, multiplayer is a core part of the experience, and now they can catch a glimpse of it in action before they get their hands on the game.

Metal arms

Floyd Iraia has two robotic arms, making him a formidable fighter. In his arsenal are fighting moves that allow players to launch a fist towards an enemy and pull them into range. It’s also possible to grip enemies and throw them, or players can grip another enemy with Floyd’s second arm and smash the two thugs together. Floyd Iraia also has a powerful attack that sees him shoot a huge laser both in front and behind him, annihilating any enemies foolish enough to get hit by it.

Lots of local rage

Perhaps the most exciting news from this new trailer is the multiplayer in Streets of Rage 4. The entire series has featured co-op, allowing players to progress through missions together as a duo, and this title will offer two-player online play. However, Streets of Rage 4 will also allow up to four people to play together locally (not online).

Nintendo Switch is built for the kind of local multiplayer that Streets of Rage 4 offers. Base models already have two Joy-Con that players can use, making it simple for two other players to bring along their own, or use a Pro Controller, because that’s the best way to play this game.


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