Flip Grip allows you to play arcade games vertically on Switch

flip grip

Being able to play a classic arcade game on a home console is not new.  But when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, you can only play them horizontally while on the go.  Now a new Kickstarter project called the Flip Grip is changing that.  You could try to play games like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Punch-Out!! in their proper format without it, but it would not work.

As the Switch’s kickstand would not be able to support the console properly in its portable form.  Causing you to have to lean it against something flat, while hoping it doesn’t fall over.  As of right now, the project has raised over $17,000 and its creators’ goal is to raise $42,500.  So far over 1,000 people have pledged to make this accessory a reality.

flip grip“We wanted to create a simple, easy way for people to play vertical oriented games without wasting a single pixel of the Switch’s screen.,” said Mike Choi, co-creator of the Flip Grip in its pitch video.  Though its design covers the console’s air vents, Choi said owners would not have to worry about it causing their Switch’s to overheat.  “The Flip Grip does not create an airtight seal around your console, so air is still flowing into every vent.,” said Choi.  The accessory is made out of injection molded PC/ABS plastic.

Making it resistant to heat and gives it the ability to withstand high impact.  Also, its two side slots allow each side of the Joy-Con to properly slide in and connect into place.  The Flip Grip is a brilliant idea.  Particularly because it adds another dimension to how people can play their favorite games on the Nintendo Switch.

As mentioned earlier, if allowed to be played vertically instead of horizontally, no part of the screen becomes empty space and is wasted.  Instead, the images are bigger and more visible.  Plus the device also adds a level of authenticity to the games aesthetics.  Outside the joystick of course.

flip grip

What do you think about the Flip Grip?  What are some classic arcade games you would like to play vertically on the Switch?  Comment below!




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