Get fired up: Flareon is Build-A-Bear’s next Pokémon plush


The fiery Eevee evolution Flareon is the next Pokémon to light up hearts at Build-A-Bear. Currently, the fire type is only available in stores in Australia (per this Facebook post from the official Build-A-Bear Workshop Australia page). The post also states that the adorable, flaming cape accompanying Flareon in his debut image is sold separately, which is kind of lame, but we’ll have to live with it.

The Facebook post is stingy with any other information, such as when and if the retailer plans on releasing Flareon globally, or if any fun themed accessories will come with the base package. Plenty of other Poké pals in the past have released in regions worldwide, so it seems safe to assume that fans of the flaming hot Eeveelution in the rest of the world will be able to take this Pokémon home sooner rather than later.

The latest in a long line of Build-A-Bear Pokémon team-ups, Flareon joins their Poké predecessor, Eevee, as well as Piplup, Pichu, a big ol’ Snorlax, and plenty of others. If we are lucky, other Eeveelutions may follow in the near future, but for now, let’s just hope that this fiery fighter makes its way into other territories soon!


Nick Pearson
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