Fixture S1 Pro Controller portable solution Indiegogo campaign is live

Fixture S1 Pro Controller portable solution Indiegogo campaign is live

The Fixture S1 is a perfect solution for a particular problem some Nintendo Switch users might experience. It’s no secret that some of us aren’t fans of the Switch in handheld mode. The reasons range from the simplest, “My hands are too big,” to the increasingly common “My Joy-Cons drift like they’re in a Fast and Furious movie.”

For some of us, the Pro Controller is perfection made controller. Sadly, as good as it is, portable mode is not its strength. Fixture S1, however, aims to solve that! For those who are looking to use their Pro Controller on the go, Fixture S1’s Indiegogo campaign went live today. Some months ago, we made a video covering the SwitchFix prototype, which was the Fixture S1’s original name. You can get a closer look here:

This can be a practical solution for those who regularly use their Nintendo Switch on their daily commute or travel a lot. The idea is to increase comfort while retaining portability and keeping your console safely in place. In addition, the Fixture S1 seems to have paid a lot of attention to details in its design. For instance, you can set the device to tabletop mode, which allows you to stand your Nintendo Switch comfortably for multiplayer sessions. There’s also easy access to the charging ports of both the console and the Pro Controller in case you need to recharge in the middle of a play session.

Is customization your thing?

The Indiegogo campaign went live today. As of the moment of writing, the campaign has been 120% funded, with 545 backers already jumping in.

Fixture S1 Pro Controller portable solution Indiegogo campaign is live

If you are into customization, Fixture S1 is offering their Founder’s edition for $39.99. This version is 3D printed, and you can customize it with your name, Nintendo ID, pet’s name, return address – you name it. At the moment, the Founder’s edition ships starting in December 2019. However, if you don’t care about that extra layer of personalization, the Production model of the Fixture S1 might work for you. This model sits at $28.00. It is made with injection-molded plastic and will start shipping on March 2020. So, there you go, a great solution to get your beloved Pro Controller to new heights.

Cristian Aguilar