Five Nintendo Games That Deserve Legit Sequels

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Nintendo is sitting on a whole heap of famous IP that hasn’t gotten much attention lately. Unfortunately, that’s how business works. Even though we’ll probably never see sequels to games such as Golden Sun or The Wonderful 101, It’s ok to dream every now and then. Here are five Nintendo games that I believe deserve sequels.

Metroid Fusion

Although Metroid Fusion looked and felt similar to Super Metroid, the game was wildly different from any other game in the series. Metroid Fusion was much more linear and the sense of isolation was minimal while the sense of scale and vastness was prominent. At the time, having a mobile game this grand in the palm of your hands was surreal. Oddly enough, Nintendo released Fusion alongside Metroid Prime and with the massive critical praise Prime received, Fusion didn’t necessarily get the attention it deserved.

Pokémon Snap

To this day, there is no game quite like Pokémon Snap. Instead of playing as a trainer out to catch ’em all, you play a photographer on the hazardous adventure to snap  ’em all in this Nintendo 64 title. It’s as simple as it sounds, yet so delightful because it was a game that anyone could casually enjoy. While trekking through mountains, sea, and sky, you interacted with all of your favorite Pokémon while trying to snap unique photos. A sequel on Wii U would have made the most sense; the game could have utilized the GamePad’s capabilities, allowing you to toss your items via touchscreen or tilt the GamePad to snap a precise shot of that Charmander. There was a whole world of possibilities, too bad the Wii U is out of the equation. Now It’s up to the Switch!

Wave Race: Blue Storm

Wave Race: Blue Storm is the sequel to the superb N64 title, Wave Race 64Blue Storm was released on the Nintendo GameCube five years later and it did not disappoint! It’s now been sixteen long years and we still haven’t seen another Wave Race game. As a fan of the franchise, this upsets me. The fundamental reason may be that the series lacks the prestige needed for Nintendo to give it the time of day. However, with the right marketing and push, I think the franchise could make a glorious return.

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine is a game that is more bizarre than most gamers realize. It featured gameplay mechanics that were never seen in Mario titles before or after it. For the first time, Mario traded his boots for F.L.U.D.D., a water-fueled jetpack. Not only that, but the game also included fully voice-acted cutscenes. Few games in the history of the franchise have offered the kind of elaborate, high altitude platforming that Sunshine packed. The myriad of differences is what sets Super Mario Sunshine apart from other games in the series and that is why I think this game, in particular, deserves a sequel. Even though it did a lot of things differently with its ambitious design choices, it still hit the mark of the Mario status quo. Not to mention I would love to see how gorgeous a tropical setting would look on Switch.

F-Zero GX

Alas, it’s time to talk about the game that arguably deserves a sequel more than any other. That’s right — I’m talking about the heart-pounding, soul-crushing, fast and definitely furious F-Zero GX, a game that constantly kicks the crap out of you, yet you can’t get enough. GX is the latest installment in the franchise that released nearly twelve years ago on the Nintendo GameCube. Lucky for us, we’ve gotten recent titles like the Wipeout Collection on PS4 and Fast RMX on Switch to quench our thirst for the futuristic racing genre.

I’m curious about what you think. Do you agree with the games I think deserve a sequel? Is there a game or franchise you’ve always wanted more from? Leave it all in the comments section below!

Brett Medlock
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