Five features that would be perfect as Metroid Dread DLC

metroid dread dlc

2D Metroid is finally back, and Samus’s latest adventure is a smash hit! But now that I’ve beaten Metroid Dread via multiple paths (unlocking all Ending Rewards along the way), I can’t help but think how DLC could add even more replay value. With a few small additions, MercurySteam could add a tremendous amount of depth to an already great experience.

This article may contain information about Dread that you consider to be spoilers. But if you’re ready for a deep dive into content ideas, read on!

Metroid Dread DLC wishlist

Before we go any further, I want to specify that nearly everything on this list ought to be free DLC for Metroid Dread. The last thing on the list could potentially justify a price tag, but everything else just seems like a no-brainer, and none of them would be that difficult to implement.

Easy Mode

metroid dread dlc

To be honest, I’m pretty baffled this wasn’t included in the game at launch. Metroid Dread is a challenging game, and even series veterans are likely to take quite a few deaths on their first run. I found the difficultly to be damn near perfect, and I loved replaying the game on Hard Mode. But that level of difficulty can be a turnoff for less experienced players.

Most of the bosses are mastered by paying attention to patterns. Each time you die, you learn more about the fight, improving your ability to dodge and deal damage. But that trial and error method can be pretty time-consuming if you’re not great at combat. Hard Mode increases the damage that enemies deal, and it would be as simple as adjusting the numbers in the opposite direction. And once those patterns are mastered, the new player might feel comfortable trying again on a harder difficulty next time.

Speedrun Mode

Metroid Dread DLC could (and should) take a page out of Axiom Verge‘s book and incorporate an official Speedrun Mode. This feature removes all cutscenes and dialogue sequences from the game, letting you focus on gameplay alone. There’s also a real-time clock running on the screen at all times.

Metroid Dread already has an in-game timer, but it’s virtually useless for competitive speedrunning. The timer resets when you die, so there’s no time penalty for dying and retrying a section repeatedly. However, the clock counts the full length of every cutscene even if you skip them. It’s bizarre. A Speedrun Mode with an on-screen timer that pauses during loading screens and doesn’t count cutscenes would be a godsend for the speedrunning community. With a better clock, Nintendo could even add in an official online leaderboard!

Boss Challenge Mode

Metroid Dread DLC

Metroid Dread‘s combat is one of its greatest strengths, and DLC could capitalize on it in an easy way. Why not add a new Boss Challenge Mode? Hollow Knight‘s Godhome region is a perfect example of how this can add value to a game. In Godhome, players can battle harder versions of bosses, fight multiple bosses in a row, and challenge themselves with equipment restrictions.

All of this could be implemented into Dread with ease. Want to take on Raven Break with no Spin Boost, Space Jump, or Aeion Flash? Go for it, you madman! It’s a great way for players to hone their combat skills and flex on their friends.

0% Completion Reward

Metroid Dread already rewards you for collecting all of the items, but DLC could also incentivize the opposite. Players who like a challenge can beat the game with 0% item collection, as mandatory upgrades don’t count towards the total.

I tried this myself (on Hard Mode) no less, and it really changes up the way you play the game. It is intensely difficult at times, as nearly everything is a one-hit KO after an hour or so. It was pretty satisfying to see the credits roll, followed by the “0%” confirmation at the end. But it would have been a lot more satisfying if Nintendo and MercurySteam tossed in a little extra reward on top. They’ve gotta have some more Metroid artwork lying around somewhere, right?

An Optional, Hidden Region

This is the one ask on my list that may be a bit ambitious for free DLC, but Metroid Dread would benefit from the addition of one more region. As many players have noted, the top-right corner of the world map is suspiciously empty. Another area could fit in their nicely, much like The Hive was added to Hollow Knight after launch.

MercurySteam could go about this a few ways. The previous idea about a Boss Challenge Mode could be incorporated into this new region, much like how Godhome functions. But I think I’d rather see the new area used to deliver some more lore. We know so little about the Mawkin and the Chozo in general. I’d love to see some more Chozo religious iconography hidden somewhere had to find and guarded by an ultra-challenging boss. Perhaps a fearsome Torizo guarding Chozo secrets?

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