Fisticuffs: River City Girls 2 gets debut trailer during Indie World Showcase

River City Girls 2 trailer

The drip-feed of information regarding River City Girls 2 has come to an end. We knew about the new characters and returning roster from the first game back in August. Now, during the Indie World Showcase, WayForward showed off a teaser trailer for River City Girls 2. There are six playable combatants, new enemies, areas, and items, branching paths, and a fresh soundtrack from River City Girls composer, Megan McDuffee. All that, plus a new anime intro and manga cutscenes, means this is looking to be a true sequel to the original title.

I’m glad we finally got a new glimpse of River City Girls 2 in action

Check out the trailer below:

Awesome! I especially like the rock climbing location. Also, the fact you can play co-op either online or offline and have one player grab an enemy while the other pummels them mercilessly is a huge plus. And can we talk about the abundance of lady and man abs?

River City Girls 2 will be hitting the Nintendo Switch Summer 2022.

Enthusiasts, did you enjoy seeing the gameplay of River City Girls 2 in the trailer? What did you think of the rest of the Indie World Showcase? Let us know below.

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