First two SEGA Ages games for Switch will be available in Japan next week

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On September 20, the first two SEGA Ages titles will be available for sale in Japan per Famitsu. Next week, customers in the land of the rising sun can purchase Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV; both games will be available in the Nintendo eShop.

SEGA Ages was revealed for the Nintendo Switch in April and both the first Sonic game and Thunder Force IV were supposed to have launched last month. However, they were both delayed. Phantasy Star and Alex the Kid in Miracle World will also be on the Switch. No release date for those two games has yet been announced. It is also unclear when Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV will be sold on western Switch consoles.

SEGA Ages Sonic’s Spin Dash has been added to the Switch version of the game, just like the 3DS version and it t will also include an arcade mode. Also today, Famitsu revealed Sonic the Hedgehog 2Thunder Force AC, Columns IISpace Harrier, and Out Run will be arriving on the Switch as wellWhich game are you most excited about playing on your Switch the most? Comment below!

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