First screenshot of Yo-Kai Watch 4 looks like the Pokemon game we wanted

The fourth installment in the popular Yo-kai Watch series is making its way to Nintendo Switch. Today, developer Level-5 gave us a glimpse at what the upcoming JRPG will look like. You can check out the first in-game screenshot of the game (via 4Gamer) below.

After reading some of the internet’s reactions, it’s become clear that gamers would have loved if the next Pokemon title played similarly. Many wish Nintendo went the third-person perspective route with Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee. While Nintendo didn’t make a drastic gameplay or graphical leap with the upcoming Let’s Go games, many assume the next mainline titles set to launch next year will be wildly different and much more impressive. Only time will tell!

While Yo-Kai Watch isn’t as popular as it was a couple years ago in Japan, it’s still pretty damn popular overseas and has garnered quite a following here in the states as well. The previous three games in the series released on Nintendo 3DS. Now, Yo-Kai Watch 4 for Nintendo Switch is set to launch sometime this year in Japan. Unfortunately, no western release for Yo-Kai Watch 4 has been announced yet. Let’s cross our fingers that it is not too long after the Japanese launch.

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