What was your first Pokémon game?


Now that Pokémon Sword and Shield are here, the long, long line of mainline Pokémon RPGs has conquered yet another system. For many fans who have been with the series for decades, Sword and Shield represents another venture into a vast, fulfilling word. For plenty of others, however, Sword and Shield will mark that first magical Pokémon experience. For many, this will be the initial instance of conquering each and every gym, hunting every corner of the game world for hard-to-find creatures, and forging and falling in love with their very first team. Chronicling their travels on the playground, working out trades to fill their Dex, and much, much more. A person’s first Pokémon game is a magical time indeed. Which was yours?

I started things off with Pokémon Crystal in around second grade. I was a little behind the times, as I was playing it on my GameBoy Advance when Gen 3 had already made its debut, but I loved it all the same. My Cyndaquil and I were completely swept into the game world, ultimately covering every inch of Johto and Kanto. Still, since I was so late to the party, I was not able to trade back and forth with my friends or play the same adventures as them. That did not happen until Diamond came around, where my friends and I obsessed over the game seemingly for all of that school year. It was my first brush with the social aspects of Pokémonand I’ll value it forever.

What was your first Pokémon game? Have you been there from the beginning, or did you jump in recently? Was your first experience a new game or a remake? How quickly did you get totally sucked in? Let us know in the comments.

Nick Pearson
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