Firework aims to combine Mega Man X & Cave Story, lands next week

Firework Nintendo Switch release date Ivan Zanotti Fantastico Studio Mega Man X Cave Story action platformer

Indie developer Ivan Zanotti and publisher Fantastico Studio are bringing Firework to Nintendo Switch on Sept. 11. It is an action platformer that draws on the likes of Mega Man X and Cave Story for inspiration, promising “sophisticated aerial movements” amid all the jumping, shooting, and midair dashing. On Switch, the game will also offer co-op play. The game previously released on Steam in December 2018, where it only has a couple dozen user reviews but was received well within that set.

In Firework, a facility is burning and protagonist “Yan the Defective One” must battle through the Fire Troops and fight back the fire. Apparently, how much you choose to abate the growing fire will actually affect the gameplay and/or story in some fashion, and the game has three separate endings. Likewise, there are six pieces of “special equipment” to unlock, “hidden power-ups,” and “awesome” boss fights. (It would be silly if they weren’t “awesome.”)

Watching the trailer, the action in Firework seems pretty on point. The character animations seem pretty solid as well. It’s just the backgrounds that are really basic-looking, but considering it’s apparently all the work of Zanotti, it’s understandable. I’m not sure if the game warrants its $14.99 price tag though. In any case, the world can always use more games that draw influence from Mega Man X, so Firework might be worth your time next week when Fantastico Studio brings it to Switch.

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