Fire Tonight brings heartfelt narrative puzzling to Switch, PC in August

Fire Tonight release date trailer Nintendo Switch PC August 12, 2021 narrative puzzle romance maze Maya Devin Way Deep Down Reptoid Games

Publisher Way Down Deep and developer Reptoid Games have announced that narrative puzzle game Fire Tonight will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC with a release date of Aug. 12, 2021. The premise is that the year is 1990, before prevalent internet and cell phones, but the city is literally burning. Amid this backdrop, Maya and Devin are separated and trying to find their way back to each other, but along the way, the story will recount “the choices that brought them here, how they met, and what the future might hold.” Devin is apparently stuck in his apartment, so Maya is the one that will be navigating the maze-like city while avoiding police barricades and expanding fire.

The Fire Tonight release date trailer sets the lighthearted tone for the Switch title with its pleasant music and soft visuals (albeit while everything is on fire). Provided you like the color purple, it looks like a fun way to spend a few hours and reflect on life before everyone was connected to everyone all the time. Alternatively, pyromaniacs may get a freaky fetishistic joy out of it as well.

If running around a burning city on Switch sounds like fun to you, keep an eye out for Fire Tonight as its August release date approaches.


John Friscia
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