What did you play this weekend, enthusiasts?

Fire Emblem Warriors

Another weekend is behind us, and for many of us, that meant that we could finally sink our teeth into a game or two. What did that entail for you? Whether you are knee-deep in the latest release or cruising through your backlog, let’s hear what you got done this weekend.

I’ve spent a bit of time with Persona 5 Royal, but with finals coming right up, I’m now playing games that are a bit easier to pick up and play for study breaks. Fire Emblem Warriors has been great for blowing off steam. It’s quick, relaxing action with a bunch of my favorite Fire Emblem characters. What’s not to love?

I’m also kicking around a couple of other in-progress titles off the backlog, such as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Grand Theft Auto IV, and the 3DS remake of Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga. I don’t have much free time right now, so I’ve mostly experienced these games in short, light sessions, but I’m enjoying what I’m playing. I’m also very excited to jump into some of these full time once finals are over with.

What did you work on this weekend? Are you playing a brand new game, or did you just do some good old-fashioned backlogging? Share what you have going on in the comments.

Nick Pearson
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