Fire Emblem: Three Houses reviews are in, and they are stellar

Nintendo TV adaptation video game adapted Fire Emblem: Three Houses review

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses review embargo has lifted, resulting in a flood of positive scores. Currently, the game’s Metascore sits at 87, based on 51 critic reviews. Below, you can check out our own Brett Medlock’s video review and look around at some other reviews from around the internet. Also take a gander at our full review, where Brett gave the game a fantastic 9.5/10, called it a GOTY contender, and said the following:

I have never beaten a sixty-hour game and immediately wanted to jump back in for round two. Fire Emblem: Three Houses pulls you in with its rock-solid grid-based combat. But it keeps you invested by offering rich characters, deep squad customization, and an enthralling story that keeps you guessing. It is easily the best RPG of 2019—so far.

For more impressions from sites around the industry, read on.

Hyped yet? The tons of high praise spread across many Fire Emblem: Three Houses reviews have given us a lot to be excited for ahead of the game’s launch tomorrow. Will you be playing it?

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