Fire Emblem Heroes welcomes Three Houses’ new champions on July 22

Next Friday marks the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Nintendo Switch. The latest entry in the fantasy strategy series will already take players well past two hundred hours to complete; however, if that still isn’t enough all new Fire Emblem action for you, then more awaits you in Fire Emblem Heroes. Key figures from Three Houses are crossing over to Heroes real soon, on top of a special cross-promotion for those who purchase the game!

Future, Protector, Schemer, Professor

Starting from July 22, a new Summoning Focus event in Fire Emblem Heroes will introduce four new characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. These are none other than the leaders of the titular noble houses: the Black Eagles‘ Edelgard, the Blue Lions‘ Dimitri, and the Golden Deer‘s Claude, as well as the game’s female avatar Byleth. Each new unit wields their trademark weapons on the battlefield with the finesse and brutality expected from students of the Officers’ Academy. Hope you’ve been saving up on those Orbs for just such a Summoning Focus!

Prepare to be schooled

On top of the four newly announced units, Nintendo previously confirmed that players who link their copy of Fire Emblem: Three Houses to their Nintendo Account will also receive the male variant of Byleth for free in Fire Emblem Heroes!

First, you will need to ensure you linked your Nintendo Account to Fire Emblem Heroes. Next, register your copy of Fire Emblem: Three Houses to your My Nintendo account and earn your game’s Gold Coins. If you already redeemed a My Nintendo Voucher or spent Gold Coins via the eShop, then don’t fret, that works too. Finally, you will receive “Byleth: Tested Professor” as a new character for your army. It may take a few days for the promotional gift to load in Fire Emblem Heroes, however, so be patient!

Keep in mind that you can only receive the male Byleth once per Nintendo Account, but the character will later become available for summoning in Heroes as. The promotion will only last up until June 29, 2020, so don’t dawdle if you want Byleth to join your ranks!

Are you picking up Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Switch next week? Who else from Three Houses would you like to see in Fire Emblem Heroes? Which noble house are you joining first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

For more details on the promotional gift, check out the in-depth FAQ on the promotion right here.

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