Fire Emblem Heroes video celebrates 30 years of FE

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo’s most venerable series at 30 years old. Since its creations, generations of gamers have taken on the difficult simulation series with JRPG storylines (and dating sim side stuff). Sixteen games and a handful of sequels provide a huge pool of characters, perfect for a mobile gacha game. Fire Emblem Heroes, as typical of a gacha game as it is, is the perfect love letter to what makes the FE series special: the characters. And the developers of FEH have released a promotional video commemorating the milestone anniversary.

The little video begins with Marth (in his dorky duds from the first game) giving Feh, the Fire Emblem Heroes mascot owl, a bouquet of flowers to deliver to Edelgard. She meets characters from every game in the series, accompanied by video clips from each of their games and the iconic theme playing in the background. The video changes things up about halfway through and plays cinematic clips from the more modern games instead of combat, symbolizing the transition of the series from focus on the mechanics to focus on the story. Interestingly, the video clips showcase the lords of the series as opposed to the “main” characters like Robin, Corrin, and Byleth. It even treats Azura like the star she is.

At the end, a misty-eyed Feh finally arrives in Askr, greeted by the main characters from each game. She delivers the bouquet to Edelgard, whose sprite is her Flame Emperor Legendary Hero variant. How fitting, as the video then transitions into an advertisement for the Fire Emblem Heroes special summoning event, in which you could pull said Edelgard variant.

In the end, I suppose that’s not unexpected from a gacha game whose main draw is nostalgia for the stories and characters in the series. It’s still a touching video for fans and a nice tribute to 30 years of Fire Emblem. And if you haven’t picked up Fire Emblem Heroes yet, now may be the best time ever, with special events and giveaways for both the anniversary and Golden Week. Just, uh, don’t splurge on the Feh Pass until you’re sure this game is for you.

Dominick Ashtear