Rumor: Nintendo canceled another planned Fire Emblem remake for 3DS

Fire Emblem 3DS remake

The 3DS catalyzed a rebirth for the Fire Emblem franchise, ultimately hosting four successful titles from the series. Nintendo, however, evidently planned on putting out one more–another remake, like Shadows of Valentia. On the Halloween episode of Kinda Funny Games Daily, Greg Miller chatted with Game Informer’s former senior editor, Imran Khan, about a litany of gaming topics, including Nintendo finally moving on from the old and weary 3DS. During the segment, Khan confidently said that another Fire Emblem remake had been planned for 3DS, but was scrapped.

The reasoning? Khan brought up Alpha Dream’s recent bankruptcy being partially spurred on by absolutely abysmal sales for Mario & LuigiBowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey, which apparently only moved around 11,000 units in its first month on store shelves. The casualties amounted to more than just a studio, however. Khan claims that the game falling flat on its face prompted Nintendo to cancel “a bunch” of further plans for the eight-year-old system, including another Fire Emblem remake. You can watch the segment for yourself below, courtesy of the Kinda Funny Games YouTube channel. The topic begins right around 44:47, but Khan does not mention the ill-fated Fire Emblem remake until 46:08.

Khan is not sure whether the door is totally closed on the Fire Emblem remake, saying that that he would not be too surprised to see the title eventually surface on Switch.

Assuming this is all true, can you believe that Nintendo planned to force a few more 3DS games out before finally closing the doors? What Fire Emblem game do you think they planned on remaking? Do you think we’ll see it on Switch? Personally, I think this sounds legit after Nintendo was so hesitant to pull the plug on their last clamshell handheld. I would have loved to see something like a Path of Radiance get a new lease on life, personally, and I hope that whatever was going to be remade lands on Switch sooner or later.

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