“Find Your Power” in the new Metroid Dread commercial

metroid dread commercial

It’s been a long and challenging road, but Metroid Dread is finally just weeks away from release. Yoshio Sakamoto and his team first set out to create this long-rumored game 15 years ago. After canceling it twice, Sakamoto finally gave it one last shot, this time with MercurySteam developing. It’s the first-all new 2D Metroid in nearly two decades, and Nintendo is rightfully marketing the hell out of it! Metroid Dread has been getting new trailers left and right, and today we have a new 30-second commercial. Check it out by clicking below!

New Metroid Dread commercial

Another look at planet ZDR

This new Metroid Dread commercial doesn’t reveal too much we haven’t seen before, but there were a few points of interest. In particular, we learn a little more about the Kraid fight in this trailer. Kraid seems to have some pretty fierce projectile vomit, but you can shoot the gunks that come out of his mouth for health (and probably missile) drops. There’s also a quick shot of Samus jumping right into the big guy’s mouth, using all her might to keep his jaws from clamping down. Otherwise, it’s mostly recycled footage, but we do get some nice shots, like Samus powering up the Omega Cannon.

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