Thievery: eShop game Final Sword blatantly copies Zelda’s Lullaby in its BGM

Final Sword

The Nintendo Switch eShop is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s home to some great stuff, like Cuphead and Stardew Valley. Yet, on the other hand, it has titles like Final Sword. For the low price of $17.70, gamers can “experience breathtaking battles with real fantasy monsters” in this mobile port. Oh, and they can hear Zelda’s Lullaby as background music.

Somehow I doubt Nintendo approved the use of its IP in Final Sword

If any of you are wondering how blatant this can possibly sound, take a listen below:

Yeah, that’s straight-up lifted from Ocarina of Time. Absolutely shameless. A bit cocky, too, seeing as how the developers submitted Final Sword for review while keeping this music intact.

Final Sword is still available for purchase at the time of writing. Expect it to be removed from the digital store quite soon, however. For obvious reasons.

Enthusiasts, can you believe Final Sword made its way on the Switch eShop with music from Ocarina of Time? Do you think the gameplay clip above demonstrates how this RPG can give Breath of the Wild a run for its money? Let us know the answers to these burning questions below!

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