Final Platinum 4 announcement will be ‘a little smaller in scale’

final Platinum 4 announcement bonus game five PlatinumGames Hidek Kamiya details smaller

Last year, PlatinumGames opened up a special website for its “Platinum 4” announcements — four big announcements pertaining to the future of the company. The first was The Wonderful 101: Remastered, a revamped multiplatform re-release of the Wii U title. The second was Project G.G., an upcoming giant hero game. The third was the new PlatinumGames Tokyo studio, which will greatly expand the developer’s production capabilities. And the fourth was… a weird April Fools’ joke. However, the developer soon revealed that a fifth and final Platinum 4 announcement was coming — and we’ve heard nothing since, till now.

Game director Hideki Kamiya has shared a few choice details about the coming announcement with VGC. He said it is “something that we’ve had in the works for a while” and that coronavirus delayed things a bit, as is the norm. Kamiya further hopes the announcement will “bring a smile” to fans’ faces and make them think, “Ah, we love those Platinum guys!”

However, about the actual scope of the final Platinum 4 announcement, he clarified, “If we had to choose one end of the spectrum, then I’d probably say it’s something a little smaller in scale. But it’s still something I’m hoping fans will get a kick out of.” Whatever it turns out to be, it will probably please a lot more people than the April Fools’ joke.


John Friscia
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