Final Fantasy VI intro has been remade in the Octopath Traveler style

Final Fantasy VI intro in Octopath Traveler style

Twitter user @retrobuild has been working on a pet project near and dear to the hearts of JRPG fans. He has been recreating the introduction of Final Fantasy VI in the style of Octopath Traveler. It’s not quite finished yet, still requiring Narshe houses, etc. He’s hoping to insert an orchestral version of the opening theme too, for good measure. But that’s alright. It’s looking pretty awesome already. Check it out below.

Whether it’s Twitter or just random comments sections, I’ve seen more than a few people asking for a full-scale Final Fantasy VI remake in the Octopath Traveler style. I can understand why they’d want that. Final Fantasy VI is a masterpiece, and the HD-2D do-over could probably enhance the look of any sprite-based game of the past without robbing it of its original artistry. Being a major lover of pixel art, I get it.

But me personally? If Square Enix were to ever remake Final Fantasy VI, I’d rather it be a full-blown big-budget affair like Final Fantasy VII is getting. Keep that action RPG crap the heck away though, please.¬†There should always be a place for traditional JRPGs in the world.

Anyway, let us know what you think of this impressive creation and if you’d like to play all of FFVI in the¬†Octopath style!


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