Final Fantasy IX music bug just got patched on Switch

Final Fantasy IX music loop bug patch

The Switch is no longer a second rate choice for playing Final Fantasy IX. Today a patch was issued that fixed the unfortunate looping music bug on both the Switch and Android platforms.

The infamous issue would cause the background music to loop after every battle and Tetra Master match. In a game with random encounters, it’s easy to imagine just how often the first 15 seconds of a dungeon’s track could play.

Final Fantasy IX has such a beautiful and memorable soundtrack, but the Switch version outright suffered against the PS4 version, which received a patch last month. On the other hand, the Switch version of Final Fantasy VII actually received the same patch treatment, which the PS4 version still lacks. At the moment, iOS, Xbox One, and PC versions of Final Fantasy IX still contain the bug.

With Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered potentially releasing any time now, the Switch has an amazing selection of classic Final Fantasy games to choose from. If only we could get the first six in the series — then the Switch would be the ultimate JRPG platform for years and years to come.

Was the music loop issue keeping you from buying any of the Final Fantasy games for the Switch? Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered comes out smoothly.


Cody Morris
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