We’re not ignoring you: Square Enix is planning to fix Switch Final Fantasy IX’s music bug à la PS4

Final Fantasy IX

Fan favorite Final Fantasy IX released on Switch back in February. While a stellar game in its own right, it didn’t launch without issues. Probably the biggest one was the dreaded music bug that plagued the PS4 version, as well. For those unaware, whenever the player entered a battle or Tetra Master card game, music would loop back to its beginning. Just a few days ago, the PS4 version of FFIX was patched to fix this issue, and now Square Enix has confirmed the same patch will make its way to Switch.

Final Fantasy IX deserves to have its orchestral pieces heard in full

Here is a Tweet Square Enix sent out announcing the patch:

Once this fix hits, all the ports of Final Fantasy IX will work as intended. Except they all need analogue control support, too. Maybe one day.

Regardless of how long this issue took to address, I’m happy Square Enix is listening to its fans. It may not seem like a big deal to everybody but missing out on grand compositions, some of which go on for over four minutes, is a deal breaker for some Final Fantasy IX enthusiasts. I only have one request for Square Enix: remember the music bug on FFVII you squashed on Switch? Please do that for the PS4 incarnation. It has only been four years.

Nintendo Enthusiasts, are you happy FFIX on Switch will no longer loop music? Are you praying that FFVIII launches without having melody issues? Let us know down below!

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