Final Fantasy IX animated series for kids is in the works

Cyber Group Studios Final Fantasy IX animated series cartoon for children Square Enix

Children entertainment news website Kidscreen is exclusively reporting that a Final Fantasy IX animated series is in development at Paris-based Cyber Group Studios, which is co-producing with Square Enix, and the show is aimed at kids eight-to-13 years old. Episode count and length have not yet been determined, but Cyber Group Studios CEO Pierre Sissmann reportedly intends to enter the series into production between the end of 2021 and early 2022. Cyber Group will additionally handle worldwide distribution, licensing, and merchandise for the Final Fantasy IX animated series.

Final Fantasy IX is arguably one of the most beloved entries in the franchise, or at least one of the entries with the least fervent detractors. It originally released in 2000 but was ported with quality-of-life improvements to Nintendo Switch in 2019. The game had a colorful cast of characters that were a bit more happy-go-lucky than characters in previous entries VII and VIII, but it still dealt with some heavy subject matter, especially mortality. How a Final Fantasy IX animated series will target children remains to be seen, but it can certainly be done.

Why this news broke at a website like Kidscreen instead of, for instance, Deadline or The Hollywood Reporter is a little odd, but it is legitimate all the same. It also reminds us that a Final Fantasy XIV live-action series was announced back in 2019, yet we have received seemingly no updates on it since.

What do you think of a Final Fantasy IX series aimed at children?


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