Final Fantasy C2, an FFIV patch that remakes it as Famicom Final Fantasy II, now in English

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Well, this is definitely a pleasant Friday evening surprise we never saw coming. Professional Japanese-to-English localizer Clyde “Tomato” Mandelin, who runs Legends of Localization and provided the English fan patch for Mother 3, has dropped a new English fan patch out of nowhere. And it’s for a project most people didn’t even know exists: Final Fantasy C2, a hack created by Japanese fan Naka no Hito in 2016. This hack takes Final Fantasy IV on Super Famicom (SNES) and transforms it into an updated version of Final Fantasy II from Famicom using FFIV graphics.

Final Fantasy C2 English patch is here, courtesy of Tomato

Mandelin has released two different versions of his English-translated Final Fantasy C2 ROM hack, labeled Versions A and B. Version A uses a lot of Final Fantasy IV‘s enemy graphics, leading to some situations where enemies might not necessarily line up with what Final Fantasy II on Famicom intended. Version B, meanwhile, “replaces FFIV enemies with FFII enemies and gives them enhanced graphics.” Version A is the original hack from 2016, whereas Version B is an update made by a separate fan in 2018.

Mandelin emphasizes that Version B is probably the version of Final Fantasy C2 you will want to play.

A Readme outlines various tips about what to expect from this game, such as that, unlike the original Final Fantasy II, this game allows for five-character parties. There are also plenty of new additions like new summons, monsters, and items. Mandelin even personally added in a treasure chest tracker to inform you of how much treasure you’ve found in the game. That, in addition to other quality-of-life improvements added to this English patch, basically means English speakers now have the best version of Final Fantasy C2 to enjoy.

Will you be playing this wild Final Fantasy IV hack in the near future? Make sure to give Tomato your thanks if so!


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