Fight Knight coming to Switch spring 2019

Fight Knight Kinda Funny Team Sorcerobe

Kinda Funny recently finished up their games showcase. Seems like the KF guys have been trying to build up to their own expo for a while now. There was a lot to see here. But one of the best pieces of news? Fight Knight is coming to Nintendo Switch in spring 2019.

What’s a “Fight Knight”?

Fight Knight is, in a word, radical. It is a game I’ve personally been following for a while. The project was funded on Kickstarter and is described as a mixed 2D/3D retro roaming fighting game.

Basically, you walk around in a hyper-saturated retro world fighting anything in sight. The aesthetic, writing, and art style are incredibly unique.

New footage as well

Kinda Funny Fight Knight Trailer Expo Games Showcase

Team Sorcerobe, the developers of the game, also just dropped a new trailer, “Fight Knight Trailer 2: Electric Boogaloo.” If the name of the trailer alone didn’t sell you on the charm of this game, there is also a free downloadable demo on the Kickstarter page.

In any case, this announcement is amazing, and let us know your thoughts after watching the trailer below.


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