Fight Crab launches for Switch in Japan this summer

Fight Crab fight-crab-nintendo-switch-release-date-japan

Publisher Playism has announced that Fight Crab will hit Steam and Nintendo Switch this summer. The game that puts players in control of giant crabs and forces them to fight will finally be in the hands of Switch players, at least in Japan. While the summer 2020 release window is specifically for Japan, it will bring the game one step closer to being localized for western audiences.

Giant crabs fighting

As you can see, Fight Crab really does have a simple concept. Players control one giant crab each, and they must fight to the death in over-the-top battles that only Godzilla movies can do justice to. The game has been in development for some time, but only now are we seeing the light at the end of the release tunnel.

Fights require players to flip the enemy crab. If your crab is on its back for too long, then the battle is lost. To add salt to the wound, the losing crab is then cooked up into crab cake or rangoon. It’s a brutal game, but it looks like a lot of fun to play. Battles take place in a wide variety of locations – from the rooftops of Japan to the tank inside a restaurant where onlooking customers decide which crab they’ll have for dinner tonight.

There are also loads of weapons to arm your crustacean with as it enters the arena. If your chosen fighter’s pincers aren’t enough, then swords, maces, guns, and some sort of explosive laser are all on offer. I’ve seen some pretty nasty crab claws in my time, but even so, I can understand one of these creatures wanting to enhance their natural weaponry with a medieval axe.

We’ll keep you updated on the western release date for Fight Crab as soon as we know more about it.


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