FIFA 20 and Football Manager are being used as official replacements for real games

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The whole world continues to be rocked by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. Many industries have been hit hard by the disease, including that of the sports industry. In an effort to protect the teams and the fans, many matches and games have been canceled in various parts of the world. But, that doesn’t mean all the work has come to an end. Some real-life teams have decided to embrace the power of 21st-century living and are making use of video games like FIFA to carry the show on.

Some UK-based soccer teams have been making use of simulation titles like FIFA 20 and Football Manager in order to virtualize what would have been their actual matches. Fans have been getting in on the action by means of posting comments on social media platforms.

Considering the fact that these games are designed to try and replicate the real players as closely as possible, it’s pretty wild to think that the really real players are now taking advantage of their virtual doppelgangers to perform in their place.

If they choose to play FIFAon Switch, at least the game could go on from literally anywhere. That might be a good marketing strategy for Nintendo: “Play Switch — ‘Work’ from home, or anywhere!” Just send me an email Nintendo, if you’re reading.

This is pretty similar to what’s going on over in the USA where some NBA teams decided to use NBA 2K20 to keep their matches going after the season was suspended. Indeed, technology is filling in the void in almost every avenue during these times of lockdowns, quarantining and other restrictions. So much for your parents yelling at you that you were spending too much time in front of the screen—now we all have no other choice but to continue our lives through our screens!


A.K Rahming
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