Festive: Nintendo drops holiday commercial for Switch, chaos ensues

Nintendo Switch holiday commercial

Fellow gamers, are you ready for your minds to be blown? Here it goes: the year is almost over. And with year’s end comes the looming holiday season. The Big N already has some Black Friday deals lined up to get you to buy its games. Not content with just written announcements, the company also uploaded a Nintendo Switch holiday commercial to YouTube. It depicts various families enjoying the way the console brings everyone together.

Switch commercials always have the right amount of cheese

Take a look at the overt cheeriness below:

God, that Mario is terrifying. I’d scream nonstop if I saw him enter my house like this.

Elsewhere in the video, the horror continues. A child unwraps his Switch and plays Mario Party Superstars with loved ones as Mario showers them with coins. A girl enjoys Minecraft while one of its goats enters her room unannounced and starts wrecking her shelf. A boy battles critters in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as a hefty dose of pollen enters his domain. And another youngster tries to engage with Animal Crossing: New Horizons until a villager suddenly appears next to her. She can only laugh to hide her internal anguish at this sudden breaking of reality.

All in all, an effective advertisement to get us to purchase a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch OLED Model.

Enthusiasts, were you just as scared as me watching this Nintendo Switch holiday commercial? Tell us below.


Arthur Damian
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