Feh Channel reveals Fire Emblem Heroes’ new Chosen Legends for 2019

Earlier this year, Fire Emblem Heroes hosted another “Choose Your Legends” campaign to celebrate its second anniversary. This campaign saw the Fire Emblem community vote for their favorite characters once again. Once wrapped up, two highest-ranking male and female heroes in this popularity contest will receive special “Choose Your Legends” variants. At long last, tonight’s new Feh Channel video showed off this year’s winners in their new digs for the first time!

Brave legends approach!


As the runner-up of the Women’s Division, Camilla: Light of Nohr (Fates) ascends to the throne as Nohr’s new Queen. For the occasion, she trades in her trademark axe for a multipurpose staff; Sangriðr prevents counterattacks, boosts her attack and speed, and weighs down opponents with gravity. As for the Men’s Division runner-up, Eliwood: Marquess Pherae (The Blazing Blade), his new weapon is Ninis’ Ice Lance, which will prove highly effective against dragon and beast units.

Finally, there are the grand winners. Micaiah: Queen of Dawn (Radiant Dawn) will march into battle with the Goddess of Chaos Yune watching over her, smiting armored and cavalry foes with Light of Dawn. On his end, Alm: Imperial Ascent (Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) takes some visual cues of Emperor Rudolf. His weapon, the mighty blade Dracofalchion, grants some serious buffs if he is outnumbered.

All four new Brave Heroes will become available in Fire Emblem Heroes around mid-August. Like previous Choose Your Legend events, players can summon the new hero of their choice for free. Personally, I’m split between Alm and Camilla; I would love to have Alm pair up with last year’s Brave Celica, but Camilla just looks so bewitching, and her weapon has a ton of neat perks! Who to choose, who to choose…

New Lost Lore event for passive players

In addition to the new Heroes, Fire Emblem Heroes will be hosting a new Summer Celebration event. A ton of prior Summoning Focus Events and Grand Heroes that debuted 2018 are returning this month, so players will certainly be kept busy. A new mode is also coming in the form of Lost Lore, where players can send out units to accomplish hours-long missions and return with rewards (think Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s Explore function for Spirits). Each Lost Lore event is inspired by a specific Fire Emblem game, and sending out units featured in those games will net you even more rewards!

In related news, Fire Emblem Heroes introduced new characters from the recently released Fire Emblem: Three Houses. On top of Byleth and the house leaders, the mysterious Sothis: Girl on the Throne debuts in Heroes as a powerful Mythic Hero.

Summer isn’t over yet, and Fire Emblem Heroes intends on finishing this season with a bang. There’s certainly no shortage of things to do in the mobile game! In the meantime though, I’m just relieved I still have another two weeks to pick my free Brave Hero. Are you still enjoying Fire Emblem Heroes? Which of the four Choose Your Legends heroes will you pick to join your expansive army? Let us know in the comments.

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