Feature: Doom Eternal launches on Switch Dec. 8, DLC to launch later, Panic Button reveals

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Nintendo itself has finally revealed in a new trailer that Doom Eternal will launch on Nintendo Switch on Dec. 8. That means you can spend the holidays just massacring demons and being humanity’s brutal savior. Per a previous announcement, port specialist Panic Button’s Switch version will be available as a digital download only, but the company has fully translated Bethesda and id Software’s game for the hybrid — you will be getting the complete base game experience. We actually had the opportunity to talk to Panic Button Senior Producer Cody Nicewarner and Lead Engineer Travis Archer about what else to expect, and it sounds pretty good.

Panic Button will deliver the goods with Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch

Performance-wise, you can expect frame rate and resolution with Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch akin to that of Doom 2016 or Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. However, Panic Button values “frame rate above all else,” and there is dynamic resolution scaling to make sure that things stay fluid in the moment: There may be a dip in resolution rather than dip in frame rate. Additionally, to create a better handheld experience, the user interface was tweaked considerably to make it all more readable. There will also be gyroscopic aiming, and the developers “highly recommend players try it.”

Doom Eternal came with its own unique, more intense porting challenges for a few reasons. One, it runs on id Tech 7, which Panic Button described as pretty “next-gen,” and it “raised the bar in such a way that there isn’t a lot of low-hanging fruit left” when it comes to a console conversion. In fact, Panic Button actually assisted in spots with Doom Eternal‘s development, aiding id Software with bug testing at the end of 2019. Additionally, another challenge came in that Panic Button had to reset its infrastructure to work remotely amid COVID and to be able to communicate effectively among themselves and with partners id and Bethesda.

The tight relationship the companies have developed over the years is something Nicewarner and Archer “don’t take for granted.” The earnest collaboration between Panic Button and id with artists with art, sound designers with sound, and programmers with programming has created outstanding domain expertise, resulting in the extremely beefy Doom Eternal Nintendo Switch experience to come.

However, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to play Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One expansion DLC on Switch. That will come sometime after launch. It will likely be worth the wait. Additionally, those who preorder the game will receive the “Rip & Tear Pack + Doom 64.”

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