Fatal: No More Heroes 3 trailer shows Death Kick & Death Force moves

No More Heroes 3 trailer

Friends, I am excited about the upcoming launch of No More Heroes 3 on August 27. It’s been quite a while since we have seen Travis Touchdown in a mainline game. When it comes to scraps of information on what’s new with Travis’ latest adventure, the YouTube channel Perfectly Nintendo has us covered. It showed off some gameplay a few days ago, and now it brings footage of new techniques called Death Kick and Death Force. You can see it in the latest No More Heroes 3 trailer from Japan.

These No More Heroes trailers are giving us crumbs

Check out the latest gameplay video below:

That’s 23 seconds of sweet combat I can enjoy. And it’s great to hear Robin Atkin Downes spout those ridiculous move names before bringing the beatdown.

Death Kick looks like an extremely painful assassination tactic, while Death Force has Travis channeling his inner Jedi to throw adversaries with the Force. It looks different enough to avoid any copyright infringement.

Enthusiasts, did you enjoy this latest No More Heroes 3 trailer? Are you hyped to continue the trials and tribulations of Travis? Which No More Heroes title is your favorite so far? Let us know below.


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