Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition Finally Revealed

GIANTS Software’s Farming Simulator was announced for the Nintendo Switch all the way back in January. Since then, little has been said about the Switch version of the game and nothing has been shown—until now.

The veil has finally been pulled back on the Switch version of the game, which has been dubbed Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition. None of the other console or handheld versions have a specific ‘edition’, so this is quite different.  Even so, it appears that the Switch version of the game is very similar to that of Farming Simulator 17, which launched last year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the reveal trailer:

While this may seem like a very odd release, the Farming Simulator series has a pretty massive following, especially on PC. All the portable versions (3DS, Vita and Mobile) of the game have been cut-down, so the Switch Edition will stand out as the best portable version in addition to being another console version.

Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition will launch this November for $50.

A.K Rahming
Having been introduced to video games at the age of 3 via a Nintendo 64, A.K has grown up in the culture. A fan of simulators and racers, with a soft spot for Nintendo! But, he has a great respect for the entire video game world and enjoys watching it all expand as a whole.