The beautiful dioramas made for Fantasian will probably be destroyed in 2022

Hironobu Sakaguchi interview Fantasian dioramas destroyed diorama next year 2022

Even though the game has its own share of unique elements and gimmicks in its gameplay, the defining feature of Hironobu Sakaguchi‘s Fantasian on Apple Arcade is unmistakably its visuals. Fantasian uses more than 150 beautiful real-life dioramas as the environments for all of its gameplay, creating an incredible blend of real and imaginary that ensures the game will always stand out. However, a dark fate may await many of those works of art soon. Our sister site Siliconera has interviewed Hironobu Sakaguchi, and he explained there that most of the dioramas created for Fantasian will probably be destroyed next year in 2022:

What is going to happen with all of the dioramas once Fantasian is done? Could people expect to see them in museum exhibits?

Sakaguchi: We’re planning to keep them in storage for about another year. Unfortunately, they’re fragile. They can’t hold up under a lot of heat and they break easily when moved around. After the year is up, we’ll keep a few of them, but I’m afraid most of them will be destroyed.

We don’t have any plans to show them off in museums at the moment, but I’d definitely be interested if we have the chance.

It’s tragic to think that potentially well more than a hundred dioramas crafted for Fantasian could be destroyed, regardless of how fragile they are. Perhaps the Mistwalker development team can start an “adopt a diorama” program. Heck, Mistwalker could probably net a nice profit selling some on Yahoo! Japan Auctions and/or eBay for local pickup. Truly anything would be preferable to letting them all end up in a landfill.

How do you feel about the Fantasian dioramas potentially being destroyed next year? Be sure to check out the full Siliconera interview for more insights into the game and its development.


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