Fans create Nintendo Labo laser tag

Fans continue to find innovative ways to utilize Nintendo Labo, the creative add-on for Nintendo Switch. Two Japanese players, Miyuki and Ran, have actually created, built, and designed a fully functioning game of laser tag. To do this, they used the feature of Toy-Con Garage to make their Joy-Con controllers interact with one another via the infrared sensors and their emitters. They also made things more interesting by making their own NES Zappers and Mario Hats to place the zappers into. The Switch itself records when a player successfully hits another player and also records that player’s health meter.

This is by far the coolest thing I’ve seen Nintendo Labo being used for, and I myself would love if Nintendo made a fully functional version using the design these two came up with! I am sure many others would jump at the chance to own this. Nintendo Labo proves that you are not limited to what the kits include, and the possibilities are endless. Way to go you two!

Nintendo Labo launched back in April and is an extension for the Nintendo Switch using cardboard cutouts. These allow you to play various mini-games ,and since launch it now has compatibility with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Marketed mostly towards kids, it’s great to see adults and players of all ages thinking outside the box.


Tarah Bleier