Fans believe Waluigi was hinted at in the latest ‘Smash Bros.’ direct

With so much information that came out of the amazing Smash Bros. Ultimate¬†direct today, fans spotted something rather unique in the background. Two chairs, suspiciously the same two-colors as the fan favorite character Waluigi. Fans believe this detail in the direct was a nod to Waluigi potentially joining the Smash Bros. roster eventually. Players have wanted this addition for years. There’s even a petition to include the character in in Smash Bros.Ultimate. As of writing it has almost 40,000 signatures.

Was this purposely done to suggest he will be a playable character?  Do you want to see Waluigi in Smash Bros.Ultimate? Could this be an actual hint? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tarah Bleier