Fanmade Nintendo Switch commercial is pretty darn cute

Fanmade Nintendo Switch commercial is pretty darn cute

If you had to slap together a TV commercial about some product, what would you choose? Video games, maybe? Sports equipment? A chainsaw, if you’re particularly metal? Reddit user MoonCoontheLoon had an assignment to make a commercial for college, so he decided to make a Nintendo Switch commercial.

The results are pretty cute. It’s also pretty cheesy, but not in a bad way. It gave me an earnest chuckle, which is high praise. Give it a watch on this lazy Sunday.

Trying to play Switch in the shower makes almost no sense at all, which kind of just makes it funnier when it gets swiped. It’s almost like an inversion of the Nintendo ’90s commercials, where everything was exploding with baditude and made no sense for different reasons.

I could end the article right here, but now that I’m in a ’90s mood, enjoy a couple absurd Super Nintendo commercials that I grew up with. For starters, watch this man literally explode in a Yoshi’s Island commercial.

And this Super Metroid entry reflects how the game is so brutal and intense that it takes tough dogs and… completely alters their DNA.

In retrospect, I do wish the fan Switch commercial would have included a human being exploding. Alas.


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