Fangamer reveals Cyber Shadow merch, adds more Shovel Knight & Ori

Fangamer Cyber Shadow Shovel Knight plush Ori

Everyone who plays games probably loves merchandise for their favorite titles. Fangamer is a brilliant online storefront that offers all sorts of collectibles and merchandise for myriad games. Whether its an indie game or a AAA monster, there are all sorts of nifty things to pick up. Continuing its trend of being awesome, Fangamer has now revealed a collection for Cyber Shadow and has released new items for the Shovel Knight and Ori collections.

If you are a fan of 2014’s Shovel Knight, Fangamer has added a few new items. The titular Shovel Knight now has his very own plush, and an awesome shirt has been released featuring the Black Knight. The plush retails for $29 and comes with a removable shovel that attaches to his hands using magnets. Black Knight is looking awesome on the T-shirt, retailing for $28 and coming with a bonus sticker.

Fangamer Shovel Knight Plush

Fangamer Shovel Knight Black Knight T-shirt

There’s no denying that Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, are beautiful games. If you are in agreement with me, then you’ll be happy to know that a “Kirk’s Wrath” shirt and The Art of Ori and the Will of the Wisps book have been released. The T-shirt retails for $28 (also coming with a sticker), and the artbook, which is made by Future Press, retails for $39.

Fangamer Ori shirt

Fangamer Ori book

Finally, there is of course the debut of the Fangamer Cyber Shadow collection. There is a T-shirt available called “Dash N’ Slash,” retailing for $28 with a bonus sticker, and a set of Robo-Ninja pins for $14.

Fangamer Cyber Shadow

Cyber Shadow Fangamer Pins

If you purchase these items together, you save a whopping $2. Are you going to be picking these up?


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