Fancy curves: Loop Hero launches on Switch this December 9

Loop Hero Switch launch

Devolver Digital has become a staple here at Nintendo Enthusiast. We review the publisher’s games and talk up its upcoming releases. It has a talent for recognizing developers with unique styles of gameplay. Case in point: Loop Hero. We knew the title was coming to Nintendo’s latest console this year, thanks to the Indie World Showcase. Now, Devolver Digital has announced Loop Hero will launch on Switch on December 9.

Loop Hero sounds like it has a very interesting premise

Here is a new, compact trailer for the game:

I love the visuals and narration. They get me pumped for the adventure.

For those unaware, Loop Hero has randomly generated levels. Players control the environments and enemies as they upgrade their abilities and equipment. It’s interesting because you don’t directly control the main character, just the surroundings around them. A neat idea!

If any gamers want to give this a go, you can pre-purchase the title through the eShop here. Doing so entitles you to a 10% discount ($13.49 instead of the usual $14.99).

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on the Loop Hero Switch launch trailer? Does the premise intrigue you enough to drop some money on the game? Let us know below.

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