Fancy chalice: Cuphead and Mugman to receive action figures in 2022

Cuphead action figure

I love watching the runaway success of Cuphead. From seeing it land on the Nintendo Switch, to its Netflix show, the indie darling has certainly hit it big. Now, Union Creative and 1000Toys have announced Cuphead action figures will be shipping worldwide in March 2022.

Both Cuphead and Mugman will be getting the figure treatment

Let’s take a closer look at the figurines:

Cuphead action figure

It’s like they popped right out of the game into my real life!

Each statue has an overall height of 135mm (5.3 inches). They will also have additional parts for their eyes and arms. Perfect for expressing a myriad of emotions.

You can pre-order Cuphead or Mugman for $80 each from now until November 15, 2021. They are shipping from a Japanese company in the Land of the Rising Sun, so international shipping is available.

Personally, I think $80 is a bit steep for a toy, but the various poses and expressions are certainly impressive. Perhaps, by the time these figures release in March 2022, the last bit of DLC for Cuphead will be out. And maybe there will even be a physical edition with all expansions included. That’s what I am hoping for, anyway.

Enthusiasts, do you think these Cuphead action figures look amazing? Let us know below.


Arthur Damian
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