Fan creates his own Nintendo Switch mini console

There’s been a plethora of reports concerning Nintendo announcing a “budget-friendly” version of the Switch to release this summer. As of right now, the news stands as a rumor. But one must ask: What would Nintendo do to create such a console? Would it be a permanently docked piece of hardware? Would it be handheld-only? Would Nintendo release a slimmer version and call it a Switch Mini?

Bloomberg says a cheaper and lighter version of the Switch will be released at the end of June. Nintendo denies any upcoming hardware news being announced at E3, which starts on June 11 this year. But then again, they’ve never been one to debut massive news at E3, and almost always takes the Nintendo Direct route…

Anyway, a fan created a homemade Switch Mini recently, and although it’s not the most compact console, at least it’s more pocket-friendly than Nintendo current Switch iteration. YouTuber My Mate VINCE uploaded this footage of a 20% smaller and 30% lighter Nintendo Switch. The homemade hardware hack achieves its slimmer self by getting rid of the console’s touchscreen and HD Rumble feature.

Impressive, to say the least.


Kevin Cortez
Kevin is a writer with bylines at Genius, Ambrosia for Heads, Mass Appeal, Leafly and EARMILK. He plays video games in his spare time.